Preserving and Sharing

Save It

Our nonprofit is committed to preserving and protecting the historic structures and story as well as the environment of The Historic Pines Ranch. We intend to continue operating the ranch as a destination wedding venue and expand to hosting conferences and vacation rentals. As a self-sustaining enterprise, we will have opportunities to help foster job growth and mentor employees in job and life skills. 

Share It

Everyone needs rest regardless of financial situation which is another reason why our organization is a nonprofit.  Once we have acquired the ranch, donations will be utilized to help offset the cost of vacations for those who need assistance.  In particular, we want to help ensure those who work in helping professions (i.e. social services; teachers; first-responders; medical personnel, etc.) veterans; active duty military; foster and adoptive families, and low-income families have access to the restful atmosphere of the ranch. 

A Timeless Vision


Connect with the Past

  • Protect the ranch property and structures. 
  • Share the story of The Historic Pines Ranch through exhibits, collections, and programs.
  • Continue offering pasture to rescue horses.


Experience the Present

  • Attract a variety of visitors by offering services for weddings, family reunions, conferences, hunters, and vacationers.
  • Provide diverse activities including horseback riding, fishing, hiking, hunting, cross-country skiing, and tubing.
  • Offer unique guest services from dining to shopping to spa treatments to instruction in various past-times. 


Preserve for the Future

  • Implement alternative energy, conservation, and recycling programs throughout the ranch.
  • Cultivate a peaceful atmosphere that promotes rest.
  • Pass on traditional Rocky Mountain skills and activities.