Who We Are


Our founding members love Colorado, the outdoors, history, and serving others. Between us, we have decades of experience in nonprofit management, historic preservation, small business development, event planning, and customer service. 

What We Value


  • Maintaining historic structures and story of The Historic Pines Ranch.
  • Protecting the pristine natural environment, including the precious water resources.
  • Caring for and being respectful of the relationship between the ranch and the National Forest habitat.

Simplicity and Rest

  • Providing simple, comfortable accommodations designed to cultivate rest.
  • Offering select activities to encourage connection with nature and the past.
  • Maintaining affordable rates.


  • Continuing the legacy of this unique Colorado property.
  • Helping visitors experience the ranch who might have financial or other life challenges making a visit difficult. 
  • Actively encouraging employee opportunities for continued growth and development.

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