Want an escape from modern life?


Discover The Historic Pines Ranch

The demands of modern life are relentless and contribute to all kinds of physical and emotional stress. We can't stop time, but there is a timeless solution.

The Historic Pines Ranch has both the natural environment conducive to rest as well as over a 130-year history of being shared with visitors for that purpose. It even has one of the original buildings still intact, an 1890s mail order home.  This ranch is a beautiful and restful haven: a place where the air is fresh, the scenery is soothing, and where you can unwind and partake of the spirit of the West.


Why does it need protecting?

The Historic Pines Ranch has been privately owned since its creation in 1882. The current owners are ready to retire, and we want it to continue as a restful haven for years to come - welcoming people to the Colorado mountains for rest and a chance to experience the past. 

In addition to the historic Old Lodge, the ranch has several guest cabins, a central dining area and commercial kitchen, a large dance hall, a hot tub/sauna building, two barns, and several pastures. 

Pines Ranch Archive

How can you help?

Historic Pines Ranch Preservation is a nonprofit group established to preserve and cultivate the heritage and longstanding legacy of The Historic Pines Ranch.  

Help us fund the purchase of this ranch so that it can continue to operate for many generations to come.

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